At our place, in this little patch of Morbihan, it can be written in capitals, because humans, young and old alike, carry this value, which is in accordance with the environnement where you gonna live this time of your life.

It is also the fundamentals of our responsibility towards the planet.

If we chose the way of sustainable development, it is thank to you by our sides that we managed to save water, reduce our rubbish, do not waste electricity, respect the nature to host more biodiversity.

We are incited to share our accomplishments so, according to seasons, you will be pleased to gather raspberries, plums, peaches, chestnuts and vegetables, all grown based on permaculture principles, because Earth is so generous when we respect Her.

While waiting for your next harvest ! Have a look on our actions supporting sustainable development

With our Green Globe certified co-workers, we share common values :

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